We are diverse board of individuals who are dedicated to directing the funds that are raised through Time For Kindness to where they are needed most in the community.
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Kris is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta with a research focus on racialized geographies of exclusion in the Rocky Mountain West.

She is an outdoor equity and active transportation advocate, velocipedestrienne, and the founder of BIPoC Outside; an online community anchored by the BIPoC Outside Podcast which seeks to celebrate, elevate, and educate BIPoC folk in the outdoors.
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Darren is a critical care physician and a nephrologist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

He’s also an avid mountain biker and a founding member of Edmonton’s outdoor coffee club, Coffee Outside. Working in an inner city hospital has refined his vision and goals. He is a firm believer in urban design, active transportation, preventive physical and mental health and is an advocate for at risk populations. He has served on several volunteer boards, the last being the Edmonton Zone Opiate Poisoning Committee.
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Mary Bark

Mary is a local Edmonton and Area Real Estate agent with RE/MAX. Mary is actively involved in many community focused fundraising ventures helping create lasting change for those in need in Edmonton.

She can often be found volunteering in her free time serving those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in our community.
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Milo is a firm advocate for human and animal rights, who has dedicated himself to various advocacy groups from a young age.

He has actively worked towards addressing housing and food insecurity for marginalized communities, while also championing causes related to animal welfare. In recent years, he has balanced his academic endeavors with his volunteer work, demonstrating the power of grassroots activism in driving positive change and inspiring others in a mission for a more compassionate and inclusive world.
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Martina Fenske

Martina is a queer artist and urban planner working in strategy and design for sustainable growth, and inclusive planning and engagement practices.

Her interests and research have led her through social innovation in inclusive and affordable housing, climate resiliency and equity, grass roots community safety initiatives, and innovative teaching and learning in the design disciplines. She is a proud wife and mom and does not trust herself around baked goods.
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Will Cardinal-Mawer

Will is the team lead of the Bissell Centres Street Outreach program where he patrols the streets of Chinatown and downtown Edmonton handing out harm reduction supplies, food, water, and Naloxone as well as responding to drug poisonings in the neighbourhood.

He is an artist and advocate for Indigenous communities everywhere.